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A juvenile starling is perched on Clare's hand as she sits in a garden. It's recovering from flying into a window.

Since 2021 Clare has published poetry in the following journals and anthologies:

  • Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition October 2021 - 'Pokémon in the Cemetery' (Special Mention)

  • Frosted Fire Wildfire Words June 2022 'The Sky Over Willesden Sports Centre Running Track' 

  • Erbacce 2022 'The Corset', 'Viewing Platform', 'Annunciation'   

  • AUB Poetry Prize 2022, 'The Hope Of Birds' (Highly Commended), included in CHOICE anthology         

  • Sarasvati Magazine March 2023, 'Bats at Dusk', 'The Optimist', 'Zoo Call', 'The Owl In Me'

  • The Poet Anthology 2023 'I Am Not Ready For The Queen To Die'

  • Poetrygram 'On Hunger' Anthology 2023 'An Insult To The Body'

  • Porridge April 2023 'Snowball'

  • Menopause: The Anthology: Arachne Press 2023 'Evorel'

  • The Passionfruit Review Spring 2023, 'The Bee Saver'

  • Obsessed with Pipework Spring 2023, 'Wormwood Scrubs' (Longlisted for the Rialto Nature and Place competition 2022)

  • Brian Dempsey Memorial Competition 2023 - Joint Winner 'Autistic Weather'

  • Vole Anthology 2023 - 'Autistic Weather', 'One'.

  • Frosted Fire Wildfire Words May 2023 'Fox Time', 'Missing Piece', 'Battersea Power Station Public Piano'.

  • Frosted Fire Firsts Anthology 'Haircut', 'Ribbon.'

  • N2 Magazine autumn 2023 'All This Mess', 'Peregrines Circle The Hospital'

  • Ver anthology  2023, 'Surgeons' 

  • The Interpreter's House Issue 80, 'A14 Improvement Scheme'



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